Sunday, October 1, 2017

BaseHost is proud to announce that we are now a Microsoft Tier 1 Direct Cloud Service Provider (CSP). As a new entrant to the CSP space, we plan to launch our new platform and range of products and services to our customers and the general public in early October.

Our services will include: 

  • The Office365 suite of products along with some accompanying and very handy managed services to give you the extra bit of help you could always use. 
  • A full set of Managed IT support services to suit small business even if you're a single person operator
  • A revised range of design products to support our desire to help small businesses get online and look the part
  • A revised pricing strategy across the board to give every one of our clients most value possible from our services
  • The introduction of the BaseHost Vendor Marketplace to support a range of other services from other providers that BaseHost customers can get access to from within their Control Panel and all covered under a single invoice!

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