Wordpress Site Migration

BaseHost specialises in Wordpress building and hosting. Our platform is setup with specialised toolkit to help you run and operate your Wordpress website.

We offer a paid Wordpress website migration service for new or existing customers who want to move their website from somewhere else to BaseHost.

Our team schedule this work at a time that is least disruptive to your business and coordinate all of the relevant components for the migration (including domain transfers, DNS updates with third-parties, and the site migration itself). The process also includes a quality check by us once the site has moved across and if any issues are found, we can work with your developer/designer to troubleshoot and resolve those issues.

As specialists in our own hosting environment we can work through any changes to settings to help improve the performance and stability of your site where possible. However, there is no guarantee we can achieve this because the performance of a Wordpress comes down to how the site is built as much as it does about where it's hosted.

Once we're at a stage where we and you (or you by virtue of your developer/designer) are happy with the site has been moved across properly, we either directly or through coordinating with third-parties change your DNS records to bring the new site online.

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