Downloading and Installing the Office Suite

This article is for all active Office365 Users who have purchased a Premium Plan with BaseHost.

As part of the Office365 Premium Packages, you have access to download and install the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) 

To have access to these you must first create the accounts or users within your Office365 portal. 

Once you have created these accounts/users for yourself and the other people in your business, your team members will be able to download and install the full Office Suite for either Windows or Mac.

Both you and your staff will be able to find these options within the Office365 Portal or by clicking the link below and signing in.

Click Here to download the latest Version of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Please note: Each user can install these applications on up to 5 devices. 

If you need any further assistance we have provided you with a link below with step by step guides and videos outlining the process.

Click Here for step by step instructions / videos on installing your Microsoft Office Suite.


Can BaseHost set this up for me?

Yes, if you like. Once you've purchased an ad-hoc Managed IT service from us, our support team can booking a time with one of our Managed IT specialists to take care of this for you remotely.


Are you still having trouble?

If you are still encountering any issues with the download and installation process you are able to contact our friendly support staff for further information.

BaseHost Support: 1300 621 888 (Option 2 for Support)

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